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Yes, another article about Sanju – The only one you need to read


“Noooooooo, not another article about Sanju. I don’t care if he’s innocent or not, I watch movies for entertainment not inspiration. Besides, Ranbir ne kya mast acting ki na?”


I know you guys have been bombarded with articles about Sanju from everywhere. But I believe it’s important to know that the person the filmmakers want to portray as a hero is real or not. I have an opinion about the movie based on the facts that I have included in this article. Feel free to add your opinions and have a discussion (in a civilized way) in the comments.

Ok, let’s do this:



Marketing has evolved quite a lot. There was a time when advertisers had to pay to show you ads. Now, YOU are paying to watch ads masked as movies. 20 years ago, who would’ve thought that people would pay to watch a 2 hour 41 minutes-long ad? You blew 250 bucks on a massive image-cleansing stunt (popcorn ka paisa alag se)

The Movie

The Movie


Let’s talk about the movie first. This is just my opinion, but the movie, even if we keep aside the glaring propaganda, was mediocre at best. Ranbir Kapoor, whose performance is being praised left and right, did an okay job. That’s it. That’s the only good thing I could think about the movie.

Everybody else was just average. Some were pretty bad. Paresh Rawal and Vicky Kaushal were wasted in this movie. Especially Kaushal, who’ve acted in Masaan and Raman Raghav, was bland and uninteresting. He played a stereotypical gujju, who’s sometimes the comic relief and says things like ‘ghapa ghap’, snakes and hole – the typical gujju stuff. Kaushal tried to act though, which is evident in some scenes. But his acting was neither appreciated or needed.

Paresh Rawal could’ve done this role in his sleep. He was an essential part of the movie but still didn’t have any major moments that required his acting skills. So much talent, wasted.

Now to the bad parts. Anushka Sharma was horrible. She played some British-Indian girl who can’t stay with one accent even if her life depended on it. One second she is ‘Winnieh’, while on the other she’s back to the typical Delhi accent she has in every movie. The comedy was just awful. The jokes were written by an 8-year old. Really, they were bad. Music was worse. It had songs that were from the early-2000 era. You remember, those songs with boring lyrics and forgettable music? Listen to any one of them online and you’ll know what I am talking about.

That’s about it. Now let’s talk about –

The Ad

the ad


I don’t care about Sanjay Dutt that much, but the propaganda in this movie made me not like him (putting it mildly). So, Sanju is an impressionable young kid who is also sort of a bad boy, one who is overshadowed by his father’s greatness. Understandable.

Someone introduce him to drugs and he gets addicted. Morally unethical but still a personal choice. Understandable.

He does a lot of drugs, even in the room where his mother is in a coma. Very wrong but still a personal choice.

Then he goes to a rehab and gets clean. That’s it. That’s the entire wrongdoings of Sanju in the movie. After that, whatever happens, is someone else’s fault – mainly media, terrorists, common folks, etc. The rehab part of the movie did a pretty good job of making him a victim of circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for the guy for fighting a very tough battle against addiction. But the entire rehab sequence, wrapped with a motivational song was pushed down our throats to show him as a person who is trying to do the right thing. Sanju is a guy who has learned from his mistakes and did not a single thing wrong after that.

A smart move. Show the guy in a bad light early, show him fighting it, and then conveniently ignore everything else that is wrong with him.

The movie conveniently ignores anything that can show him in a negative light. Few instances that come to mind are –

It ignores how he was married twice, before marrying Manyata.

It ignores how he didn’t even come to pick his wife at the airport when she returned from the US after battling cancer.

The movie doesn’t even mention about the hand grenades, it just says that he took the AK-56 to protect his family.

Even though he has had guns before and even shot them in front of his house. Clearly, he didn’t have to go to the underworld for guns now.

The movie also conveniently ignores how his father approached Bal Thackrey who further called the then Prime Minister P.V. Narsimha Rao about Sanju’s case and TADA.


It doesn’t mention the tapes featuring the conversations of Sanju with Chhota Shakeel, which that were played in the Special Court. (Can’t vouch for the authenticity of the tapes, but still, it could have been shown in the movie considering how big the incident was).

The movie showed that he was labeled a terrorist by the people. But it never mentioned how politicians and most of Bollywood came out in support of him.

Or the fact that he left his prison cell several times when he was in Pune’s Yerwada jail, to spend time with his family instead, thanks to paroles and furloughs.

Many who have watched the movie will dismiss all of these with the ‘alleged’ and ‘question mark’ dialogues. The facts are facts though. One good thing about the internet is you can look up all of this by yourself, without putting too much effort.

My Opinion

Sanju and sanju


I can’t care less about Sanju (yeah, right. that’s why I wrote a 1000-word long article about it). I think back then, Sanjay Dutt was just another lad who had to live under his father’s massive shadow, a kid who wanted to be a rebel and show how macho he is. Drug use, making connections with the underworld and the mafia, womanizing. Everything was part of this image that he wanted to have for himself. Bear in mind, I am not at all saying the media reports are 100% true (we’ve seen how much integrity our media has). Not all of it is true. At least the Supreme Court’s judgment says so. But I won’t ever believe that he is as innocent as he is shown in the movie. In the movie, there is nothing that he is accountable for. Someone influenced him to do drugs, he kept the gun for his family’s protection, he was a victim of the circumstances with no fault of his own…..yeah, I don’t buy that.

So what exactly is my problem with Sanju? This movie sets a precedence. The success of this movie encourages other such celebrities to do similar PR stunts to clean their image. And don’t tell me it doesn’t work. Check your Facebook feed and see how the propaganda is spreading. The day is not far when we’ll have movies like Bhai or Fakeeri.

You have to give it to the filmmakers though. This is a smart strategy. Doesn’t matter if people are hating the movie or loving it, it’s getting publicity. Look, I am doing this for free now. Well, what can I do? I too am a victim of the circumstances and have to write about trending things to stay relevant.

Hum khaali bolte reh jayenge, wahan ghapa ghap koi aur kar jayega.



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