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Why do I exist?


Why am I conscious?


Why am I inside this body?


Why I can’t know the answers?


Why do I keep asking?


Why am I alive?


Why do I cry?


Why do I laugh?


Why am I unhappy?


Why do I wait?


Why do I hope?


Why do I keep forgiving?


Why do I keep trusting?


Why haven’t I ended it yet?


Why do I keep going?


Why do I bother?


Why am I afraid?


Why is it difficult to look into the sky?


Why do stars call me?


Why is there so much noise?


Why can’t I enjoy the silence?


Why can’t I be alone?


Why am I so lonely?


Why do I suffer?


Why do I struggle?


Why do I pretend?


Why is being sad a bad thing?


Why does it hurt?


Why can’t I be who I want to be?


Why do I hate this reality?


Why is life important?


Why do I feel?


Why do I keep doing this over and over?


Why do I keep calling it a life?


Why do I keep living a lie?


Why can’t I know the truth?


Why can’t I accept the truth?


Why am I so selfish?


Why do I always put others first?


Why can’t I see?


Why can’t I listen?


Why can’t I talk?


Why am I not ready?


Why am I even looking?


Why do I care?


Why do you care?

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