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Union Minister and Criminals: A Love Story

Jayant Sinha

You know about the mob lynchings right? People killing other people over baseless rumors and suspicions? Ring a bell? Yeah, so these days everyone is ‘outraged’ about these incidents. There is a nationwide panic because of these gruesome acts, most of which are even recorded on videos. Now, as ministers, as elected representatives of the people, what do you think should be the appropriate reaction for these mob lynchings and murders? Increasing security? Setting up fast-track courts to punish the guilty as soon as possible? Making stronger laws against these lynchings? Or at the very least, condemning the act?

Now, I want you to meet this guy –

Jayant Sinha


For those of you who don’t know him, he is Jayant Sinha, current Member of the Parliament and Civil Aviation Minister. So, who are all these men? Oh, these are just 8 men who are convicted of murdering a cattle trader. What is he doing with them? Why garlanding them of course!

Wait, did you think that he, being an MP, will be against these lynchings or at least, will not shower f********ing  garlands on these men who are out on a bail after murdering someone? Then, my friend, you are as naive as I was a few days ago.

Seriously, I thought that this couldn’t happen. I mean, I know most of them are not nice people (dodged a defamation case there), I am not that naive. But I always thought that politicians would keep their distance from criminals in a public setting. But this legend opened my eyes. Not only did he garland the murderers (who, I don’t know why, went to his house after getting bail), he also had the audacity to say this –

You would think that Jayant Sinha, a union minister, who represents Hazaribagh (the place where the lynching took place), will not celebrate the convicted murderers who are out on bail. You would also think that being from IIT AND Harvard, he wouldn’t associate with criminals. You would also think that being in Finance ministry, he wouldn’t have his name in Paradise Papers. Yet, here we are.

Well, if it’s any consolation, he has expressed his regret for his actions.

Ab ye regret tum bhar lo.


Image Sources: Times Of India

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