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The Woke Feminist: AIB

AIB-Online Harassment

So Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba stepped away from AIB amidst the sexual harassment controversy involving their (ex?) coworker Utsav Chakraborty. Here is the official statement released by AIB –



However, for many, this is too little, too late.

AIB, who took great pride in supporting the female empowerment movement, continued working with a guy that they knew harassed a woman and did nothing about it.

AIB, who gave us gems like this –

AIB - The Bollywood Diva Song


This –



This –

AIB-Sexist Bollywood Songs


And ironically, this too –

AIB-Online Harassment


See, the thing is, you have to practice what you (so strongly) preach. I wholeheartedly agree with the issues that they raise through these videos. But not doing anything about actual harassment when you are in a capacity to do something about it is hypocritical.

And even though this is a bold move, it still doesn’t change the fact that they stepped down years after the incident took place. This is not taking responsibility and doing what is morally right (because they could have done this earlier); this is giving into pressure now that your reputation is on line.

And no, this is not a case of innocent until proven guilty (which I totally support). Utsav (partially) agrees to what he is accused of and Tanmay accepted knowing and not doing anything about it.


Funnily enough, most of the female comedians and actresses who are pretty vocal about female empowerment and jump on to blame anyone who is even ‘accused’ of harassment haven’t said anything about this case. Kinda makes you wonder if feminism is important as long as it is profitable.

I don’t want to discredit AIB for everything that they’ve done over the years. They have given us some good comedy videos and raised many other important issues through humor. But how do you trust someone who strongly preaches one thing yet backs out when the situation actually demands it? How do you trust these woke feminists when they knowingly keep working with someone who sends unsolicited dick pics to a minor?


Sorry AIB, you lost my respect. And because of your actions (or rather inactions), even the good causes that you stood for will come crumbling down.


You need to do better AIB; ‘I messed up’ isn’t gonna cut it.

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