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The Stupid Indian 04: Gauri Lankesh Murder


“I was told in May 2017 I had to kill someone to save my religion. I agreed. I didn’t know who the victim was. Now I feel that I should not have killed the woman.”

– Parshuram Waghmore

The guy who murdered Gauri Lankesh


The excerpt has been taken from this Times Of India article.


“Hindu khatre mein hain.”

This is what must be going through this man’s head when he shot a helpless lady 4 times.

This is what must be going through this man’s mind when he accepted to kill someone who he didn’t even know.

Gauri Lankesh was murdered in cold blood outside her house on 5th September 2017 by a man who was told that what he’s doing is to save his religion.

We’ve gone full middle-eastern. You know, the region that we Indians collectively consider as ‘backward’ and ‘still living in the 15th century’. The funny part is, today’s India and all these other countries have stark similarities. We have more or less the same amount of tolerance for people who don’t share our religious views. We’ve resorted to killing, because in our twisted mind, like the people in those countries, we think that our religion needs ‘saving’. If we’re not yet at the same level of crazy, we will be there very soon.



I didn’t know we were hiding all this insecurity for our religion this whole time. I thought we were more confident about our religion. What was that line….’it’s not a religion, it’s a way of life’.

Yeah, so much for that ‘way of life’ which can be threatened by a single woman. Thousands of years of history, millions of believers, hundreds of scriptures, but sure it needs saving now. A religion that nobody in the history could wipe out, no ruler, no invader; was in danger because of this one old woman. And who came to save it? A person who didn’t even know the name of this woman. A person who came from the back to shoot an old, defenseless woman. A person who now ‘thinks’ that he shouldn’t have killed this woman because he is caught, was going to save our religion.

Why don’t you and the likes of you, who think my religion is so weak that it needs saving, just fuck off?

Who are you to decide if our religion needs saving or not? Tum ho kaun? Self-proclaimed protectors of our religion. You know what? Our religion does need saving. From you. People like you are killing and raping the helpless in the name of religion. You are the reason that today ‘Hindutva’ terrorism is a thing. You are shaming my religion, you are giving it a bad name, you are the reason that this woman is dead.

Gauri Lankesh


But because of this, I won’t try and hunt you down, even if you have stained the name of my religion. My religion is much bigger than you, or me or Gauri Lankesh or any political party. My religion is tolerant enough to accept people of different views AND faiths. It doesn’t need your hate, your insecurity and it certainly doesn’t need your saving.

Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons, TheJDIF.org, Scroll.in, Twitter

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