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The Stupid Indian 03: Salman Khan and Bollywood


Bhai got bail yeeaaahhh! Now he can go back running people over, killing innocent animals, abusing his girlfriends….you know just the usual Bhai stuff. The media went crazy when Salman Khan had to spend a night extra in jail and he couldn’t get bail for 24 freaking hours. Everyone was trying with their asses to appease Bhai because apparently, appeasing bullies helps. Some of them went a little overboard though –



Ok too much about Bhai, let’s see what Bollywood was up to –



What in the God’s name is wrong with Bollywood? How can they support a criminal, even if it’s Salman Khan? Oh and please, before you point fingers and say “Bhai ko criminal kaise bola? Main nahi bola bhai, Jodhpur court bola. But the question is – Is Bollywood doing saste nashe?


Stars came out in the support of Salman Khan – A man who is known for beating his girlfriends, running over poor people and killing them, killing endangered animals for fun, having connections with underworld dons, and is an all-round bully. And these stars, these heroes, heroines and hell even members of Rajya Sabha are supporting a guy like him.


The woman above is not just an actress or an MP, but is the mother-in-law of Aishwarya Rai – Salman’s ex-girlfriend, whom he allegedly harassed. Oh but she’s only one woman, there are a lot more.


And then there is this woman, who is essentially saying just make him pay money and let him go. Because law doesn’t exist for the rich.


What kind of a superiority complex these people have that makes them think that being a celebrity makes you above the law? He’s being singled out? He’s paying the price of being a star? Just make him pay 5 crores and let him go? Don’t they realize how insensitive they sound? Their heart goes out to a criminal is what they are saying. Man, these people are hypocrites. Self-proclaimed, modern, progressive thinkers, who are supporting a criminal. The funny part is young people of our country actually look up to them. These stars can support anyone for all I care but when you reach a position where your words have influence and people actually follow what you say, you have to take a little more responsibility. That’s just the price of being a star and I believe that it’s a fair one, given the hundreds of crores they earn.

“Bhai ne heeran maara to kya charity bhi to kiya” is not a strong argument. It doesn’t make sense and it makes you sound like a douche. Salman Khan is not a nice guy, even if his PR team is trying very hard to convince you otherwise. Please, stop feeling sorry for Salman Khan.

Anyways, you can rejoice all you want because Bhai is now out on bail, and is back doing ‘charity’, playing with children and all which is totally not a PR stunt btw. 

Remember all this when you see Bhai ripping off his shirt in Race 3.

Image Sources – Wikimedia Commons, Facebook

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