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The Stupid Indian 02: Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Welcome to Uttar Pradesh, a state where girls could be stripped naked to ‘check’ if they’re menstruating, a state where a mother has to spend the night holding her daughter’s dead body because she didn’t have money for the ambulance, a place where more than 100 children died due to shortage of oxygen, a state where there are ambulances for cows.


Uttar Pradesh is a weird place.The state is literally safer for cows more than humans. As a human, you can: 1. get assaulted by the Anti-Romeo squad (did you forget about them), 2. die of the shortage of oxygen and other medical necessities, 3. And rot there dead because there is no ambulance to take your body. Something like that really can happen, and maybe in that exact sequence. But you can’t complain, you can’t criticize, you can’t go to the authorities because authorities make statements like these:

Mujhe to yeh bhi kabhi-kabhi lagta hai ki ek samay ke baad aisa na ho ki log apne bachche jaise hi ek saal, do saal ke honge, to sarkar ke bharose chhor denge, ki sarkar hi ab in bachchon ka palan kare (I sometimes feel that after some time, as soon as their children become one or two years old, people will leave them for the government, so that the government takes care of them),” – Yogi Aditynath, Honorable CM of Uttar Pradesh.


Yogi Adityanath


Aww, isn’t that such a nice thing to say after more than a 100 children died in your state? That’s sensitive, consoling and thoughtful. The parents who just lost their children because of the negligence of authorities just want to hear something like that. Oh, and did you know that the state government was very much aware of the shortage of oxygen supply and the amount outstanding of the vendor? So in a nutshell, children died because either the government was too lazy to do anything or simply didn’t give a crap. What is wrong with people? How can children dying be an issue that’s dealt with something less than full capacity? How can people see this as a normal phenomenon? How are cows getting more facilities than actual people living in the state? And it’s not even about the cows. You can protect as many cows as you want. Give them ambulances, make palaces for them, even make them the freakin state animal, but at least take care of the children first if not people. They say the value of a person’s life is potentially infinite. An infant who had his whole life ahead of him dies because of ignorance or apathy of some people. If this doesn’t embarrass those people, then nothing will.

Maybe things aren’t so bad. Maybe all this is just a rant. Maybe everything’s fine. But there’s this teeny tiny list of things, things that could happen to you in Uttar Pradesh that upset me:


  1. You or even your kids’ food can be taken away to feed cows.


  1. You can die if you go to the hospital (ironic, isn’t it)


  1. The police can beat the crap out of you and shave your head if they saw you walking with a female homo sapien.


  1. Any woman can get raped at any given time of the day.


  1. Someone can throw acid on your face.


  1. If you’re abducted and gang-raped, people can watch the whole video of it just by paying 50-150 INR.


  1. If you criticize the government or Yogi Adityanath or even if they think you’ve done something that they don’t agree with, you can die.


  1. You can die if the police are trying to save a cow (not even kidding).


9  Wardens can make you strip to check if you’re menstruating.


  1. If you’re a student, then a teacher can slap you close to 40 times on not responding to your name call.


  1. Nobody will give a shit if you’re lying dead unless someone has the money to take care of your corpse.


The list can go on. And before anyone says it, these are not isolated incidents. These things happen in Uttar Pradesh majorly due to government’s ignorance. We can’t directly blame the government now, can we? After all, we want to live. And if someone’s out there is proud of the fact that they are scaring us good (i know a few people like that), then don’t be. Just stop for a moment and think. If this ‘dominance’ worth the consequences.

Gorakhpur children died



PS – If someone presents me verifiable facts that could change anything in the article or if I have missed something/ wrote something factually wrong, feel free to point it out. I’ll be more than happy to correct it.


Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Times Of India, Indian Express

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