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The Dying AIB


Back in 2010, came a group of men who made videos that were offensive, crude, pretentious but funny. They called themselves All India Bakchod or AIB for short and they made hilarious, brutally honest videos without a care in the world. Their videos reminded us of our conversations that we have with our college or school friends. Their humor was relatable and crass – exactly the type which we used. They were great and people liked them instantly. Soon they became the ‘cool kids’, and that’s exactly when everything went south.

No offense, AIB still makes a few funny videos and posts. But look me in the eye and tell me this is funny –

They’ve made it meme page. No humor, no original content, just a few brand tie-ups and brand promotion. And sometimes, in a desperate attempt to create a campaign, they do shit like #PyaarEkDhokhaHai and #BetiBachaoFuckboiHatao which is something the old AIB never did. I remember they were especially against labels like slut and whore. But I guess that’s just for women?

Oh and don’t even get me started on #PyaarEkDhokhaHai. They took a joke from Zakir Khan’s performance (the sakth launda one) and made it into an entire campaign. It was so cringey and painful to watch. I can’t believe the main guys at AIB let it go online.

What the hell happened guys? You were the guys who made Rahul vs Modi, It’s your fault, Demo and so many others…how did it come to this? Is it the FIRs? Or are a bunch of teenage girls running your page? You were the guys who brought us Roast and On Air with AIB. People are unsubscribing guys, you’ll still have followers, just not the ones who were there when it started. Don’t let yourself be just another meme page or another Buzzfeed. You’re better than this.


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