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The bout of the year: Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather

Or should I say ‘sham’? Did people really think it was a real fight? And before you say it; no, I am not a Mcgregor fan. But did someone actually think that this was a genuine fight? ‘The undefeated MMA champion vs the undefeated Boxing champion’. Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather. Sounds good right? A little too good, don’t you think? It wasn’t a fight. It was an act organized by the sponsors and the fighters (yes, them too) to earn millions, maybe even a billion, in one night.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor


There was no way Mcgregor was going to win this. He’s an MMA fighter for crying out loud. You can’t put him in the cage with one of the best boxers ever who, by the way, had an unbroken streak of 49-0. Floyd Mayweather, regardless of his reputation outside the ring, is unarguably a boxing legend. He is a smart fighter. So is Mcgregor. But the two come from a very different fighting background and pitting them against each other was nothing but a very smart move by the investors.


They purposely showed Mcgregor dominating in the first few rounds to garner more viewers. There were people who thought, maybe…just maybe there is a chance that Mcgregor could win this. What they didn’t know that Mcgregor was not trying to win this and neither was Mayweather trying to beat him. They just continued it to 10 rounds to get people hooked. Maybe Mcgregor wasn’t gassed (or maybe he was), maybe he thought that was enough entertainment for one evening. Mayweather could have destroyed him so early in the fight that Mcgregor wouldn’t even realize what hit him…IF they actually fought. But they didn’t. After all, who would actually put in an effort if they can just pretend for a few rounds? As for our champions, they are low key friends. So all that ‘trash talk’ in that press conference last month, yeah that wasn’t real either (but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Floyd Mayweather


Mayweather raked in a 100 million, Mcgregor 30….and those are the amounts that they DISCLOSED. That’s more money than the two players ever got for a single fight COMBINED. There were also rumors about Mayweather betting 400K on himself just before the fight. But that’s just a rumor so I am not going to comment on it. But come on! That wasn’t a fight! It was all just an elaborate act, orchestrated by the interested parties, played out by the fighters, in which everyone made bank in the end.

Conor Mcgregor



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