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Mob Lynchings In India

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups: India Edition

I don’t know why, but I have always felt that when George Carlin said this, he was talking about India. I mean just look at the news, and tell me if India isn’t the living, breathing example of the ‘ Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups ‘ quote.

What the hell is happening?

People are getting crazier….and angrier. There is a massive wave of hate spreading in the country. People are killing people, destroying property, and thrashing police and authorities just because they can.

These are just a few instances that happened in the past 2 months:

Kanwariyas thrash a police vehicle in Bulandshahar:

Kanwariyas destroy a car with children inside in broad daylight.


Maharashtra Bandh: Vehicles set on fire, railway station destroyed in Pune and Aurangabad

Maharashtra Bandh: Protestors attacked IT offices in Pune

Man beaten by mob on ‘suspicion’ of cow smuggling

Engineer lynched in Karnataka over child-lifting rumours

Engineer killed by mob in Karnataka


Two men beaten to death in Assam


2 men were attacked in Hapur by ‘cow terrorists’

I am sure you can find more. And this is just past two months. Since May 2018, at least 18 people were killed in these lynchings. Unfortunately, this is a month-old article. People are killing each other over mere rumours. The police aren’t doing anything, and in some cases, can be seen to even ‘help’ the attackers.

Why is this happening?

You can say it is because of unemployment. People are frustrated they cannot find a job or earn enough to support their families. And you would not be entirely wrong. According to this article from TOI, over 31 million people are unemployed in India and the unemployment rate is over 6.1 percent. 31M is quite a big number when you think about it. When almost 3% of your entire population, not just the working population, is unemployed, they are bound to be some sort of outbreak, akin to something what we are seeing today. Different ministers have different things to say about this:

Ministers on unemployment


Credits: @Pun_Starr on Twitter

However, there is a more sinister reason behind the increasing number of attacks. One that we don’t want to acknowledge. See lynchings and attacks on this scale, and at this rate, cannot happen unless the state is involved. Not all attacks are state-sponsored, but the ignorance of the police and ministers have made it possible for these riots to happen. Sometimes, it goes beyond ignorance though –

Mob lynching in Hapur


Jayant Sinha


When you have police and ministers actually supporting and garlanding the attackers, there is virtually nothing for them to be afraid. If you don’t think this is state-sponsored, maybe this will change your mind:

In this video, the killer is actually saying that the government and the police are in their favor. The sheer pride in his words actually says quite a lot about him, and the current situation of the country. There is not even a shred of remorse or fear in him, there is pride and arrogance and confidence about the fact that they can kill anything in broad daylight, nothing will happen to them, because the authorities are on their side.

What this government and other political parties fail to understand is this is a Frankenstein’s monster. It’s a ticking time bomb. We all saw what the troll army did to Sushma Swaraj. They are not sparing anyone, not even their own ministers.

When you feed hate, you get hate. What started as propaganda is now evolving into something more, something evil. However, the government, or the opposition or any other political party for that matter, do not give a crap. They are hungry for power, and they don’t care what they breed in the process. They’ve raised a monster and they can’t hope to control it.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Unfortunately, they did, and this is just the beginning.


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