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Hi, I am a millennial and apparently, I am killing every industry there is

Millennials are killing…

Shut up.

First of all, stop labeling all of us as millennials. We are not some sort of a secret organization that has all the people born in the 80s and 90s waiting to carry out some operation against the establishment. STOP WITH THE WORLD MILLENNIAL ALREADY.

Now that we got that out of the picture, let’s talk about what am I doing.

So apparently, I am killing entire industries.

Can anybody compile a list of every industry I am killing? Someone, please?

Well, thank you Business Insider

So here’s the list:

  1. Oil
  2. Football
  3. Home improvement stores
  4. Gyms
  5. Designer Handbags
  6. Department Stores
  7. Banks
  8. Fabric Softeners (seriously?)
  9. Diamond
  10. Bar Soap
  11. Yogurt
  12. Homeownership
  13. Motorcycles
  14. Golf
  15. Cereal
  16. Breastaurant Chains
  17. Napkin
  18. Beer
  19. Casual Dining Places


That’s a long list.

That article is so hilarious that it’s painful to read.

“The decline in light yogurt can be traced to a growing demand for natural, protein-rich foods that fill up health-conscious consumers,…”

“Part of the reason is that when millennials do spend money, they’re spending more on experiences like restaurants and traveling. Millennials are less drawn to aspirational, designer brands”

“….Further, they primarily see the (oil) industry’s careers as unstable, blue-collar, difficult, dangerous and harmful to society.”

“….a loss of interest in breasts is bad for business.” (Not even kidding)

I seriously think that that article is some form of high-level sarcasm that I am not getting. I mean a loss of interest in breasts? Seriously?

Most of these cannot be even considered ‘killing’. I mean Harley sold less than 2000 motorbikes less that one time and suddenly I am being blamed for killing the motorcycle industry. 

And some of them are plain stupid.

“Millennial consumers are more attracted than their elders to cooking at home, ordering delivery from restaurants, and eating quickly, in fast-casual or quick-serve restaurants”

So suddenly I am the bad guy for cooking my own meal at home or ordering from a place to avoid traffic and save time. Great.

“…millennials have a massive distrust of existing financial services.”


Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because the worst recession of the 21st century was caused by these ‘financial services’. Maybe because these financial services led to a loss of 2.6 million jobs.

Maybe because over 10,000 people took their lives because of the recession.

Because there was a loss of $19.2 trillion in household wealth in America alone.

And all these ‘financial institutions’ went on their merry way and almost no one went to jail.


Image Source: The New York Time



Image Source: The Atlantic



Image Source: The Economist

So yeah, excuse me if I don’t trust these financial institutions.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I am poor

Even if I want to buy your crappy bags and over expensive diamond rings, I can’t.

Things are more expensive than ever. And this is not just me being a snowflake or playing the victim, they actually are more expensive.

Buying home today is more expensive than ever.


Image Source: Debt.com


Education is more expensive than ever.


Image Souce: Business Insider


Healthcare is more expensive than ever.



Also, I have a massive student loan debt. I work two jobs to survive, and I am still living paycheck to paycheck.

So sorry, if I am not buying a home or fabric softeners or eating out as much as you’d want me to.

I am working long hours and constantly hoping that I don’t get sick or injured because that would….that would screw up everything.

I am not killing industries.

I am the one who is dying.


Image Source: Reuters


Why do we meme so much about killing ourselves?

Please note that I am not trying to romanticize suicide in any way or it’s an attempt to show that suicide is a good thing or is even acceptable. It’s absolutely not. It’s not an escape. It destroys lives.

‘Suicide memes’ is a thing. And no, they don’t exist just because we are trying to be edgy, there is more to these memes than their dankness – something we don’t want to acknowledge, something that we’re constantly masking through humor.

Millennials like to joke about suicide. You must have seen them too. Posts along the lines of ‘haha, I want to die, please kill me’ or ‘another day of this pointless existence’. These are not just jokes. Sure, they are humorous, but there is more to them. These memes are essentially a funny mask that people have put on to share their grief, depression, anxiety without the fear of getting judged.



The fear of judgment has made us turn towards humor. Think of it as a coping mechanism. Humor is THE most powerful way to talk about things that people don’t wanna talk about. In essence, memes about suicide are our way of showing how we feel about our current situation.

The question is – Do we want to kill ourselves?


Then why do we talk so much about it?

Because we don’t really have anything to live for either.




Before you start calling us snowflakes and crybabies, hear me out.

There is nothing for us to look forward to in life. If we are lucky, we have to work 40-50 hours a week in a meaningless job. Getting paid just enough to survive till the next paycheck. Doing something that we don’t have any interest in but because we went to school and paid for it, we cannot back down. Living the same week over and over, for 50 years for an absurd fantasy that we will retire and then we’ll do what we always wanted.

We work in a system in which there is barely anything to look forward to. We cannot own a house, because they’re just too expensive. Even if we do try, we’ll spend the rest of our lives paying it off.

We already have loans for everything – our education, our car, hell things are so bad that we even need to a loan to buy a phone these days.

The cost of living keeps on increasing, while our salaries lie lifeless in a coma.

And don’t even get me started on jobs. The monotonous, soul-sucking, borderline slavery. Spending 9 hours each day to make some billionaires add a few more zeroes to their bank account. Traveling an hour (if we’re lucky) each side to stare at a computer screen for more than third of a day. Not even remembering the last time we even had a laugh.



Meanwhile, the planet is burning to ashes and the people who are responsible for it will die before facing any consequences. But we will. It has begun and we are still young. Think of all the crap pollution and climate change will bring with themselves when we get older.

Suicide memes are our vent. They are a way, an expression to show our powerlessness. With all the traffic and debt and computer screens and pollution and economy and politics and hatred, there is not much to look forward to in life, is there?

We know that we have people that love us (at least some of us do), and who’ll be devastated if we’re not around, so don’t worry, we are not going to kill ourselves. But with suicide memes at least we feel that we are not alone in this. That there are people who are going through the same thing and who will not judge us.

The point is there is nothing we can do to change this system, at least not for a while. We feel like living in this infinite loop, and it’s really depressing at times. Add to that people and media outlets constantly calling us lazy, immature and snowflakes, because we speak up about the mess that they made.

So yeah, next time you see a person sharing a suicide meme, talk to them (if you’re in a position to) or at the very least, don’t judge them.

Image Sources: Facebook, Reddit

9 differences between our parents’ generation and ours

A few days back, I wrote this article in which I touched about why our parents’ generation doesn’t like art that much. It got me wondering though; it’s not just about art. As a generation, there are so many ways in which we are different from our parents. 

Most of us would like to say that we’re better, while some other aadarsh balaks with the Baghban virus may say that our parents’ generation is simply incapable of having flaws. I think it would be better to point out the differences first and then make a call. Heads up though, this may read like a massive generalization, and it is. But that doesn’t mean it is not true. Actually, read for yourself and then decide.

Let’s do this.

  1. Authority



Our parents love authority. Love it. When it comes to authority or rather, authority figures, our parents are much less likely to question it. They give respect to the authority, fear it even. They’ll do things without questioning if it comes from a person that they regard as an authority figure. And when they themselves reach that place, they expect the same too. That’s why you can see so many parents (especially Asian parents) complaining that their children don’t respect them enough. That they ‘question’ too much.

It’s true. As a generation, we are more likely to question everyone, especially if someone is an authority. Because we need to know that apart from being older, what else credibility does the authority have. Most parents don’t like us questioning them, because they’ve never questioned their parents. What they don’t realize is that for us, questioning does not mean disrespecting the person.


  1. Hard Work

Hard Work


I am not saying that we are lazy, but our parents’ generation is simply ahead when it comes to working hard. To do a task, our generation tends to find a way that takes the least effort, which can be a good thing as it opens the door to explore new ways. But let’s face it, more often than not, it causes delays. But our parents don’t shy away from hard work. It may not be the most time-efficient way every time, but they get it done. That’s one thing we can definitely learn from them.


  1. Change



This one is pretty relevant today. All the debates are about this, all major political discussions are about this. Our parents’ generation doesn’t like change, period. They don’t like trying new things, they don’t like breaking old norms, they don’t like reforming old rules and values; so that they can be made more suitable to the current times. They don’t like to change their beliefs. Well, no one does. But we as a generation, are more open to change. We don’t cling to our beliefs that hard. Whereas if you try to change our parents’ beliefs, they can turn hostile.


  1. Society



Our parents are very much part of this society. They also have this sense of ‘pride’ in a societal context. We don’t have that. We can’t care less about the society or what it thinks of us. But our parents can sometimes care more about other people than their own children. They judge others and that’s why people judge them. They also have this notion that other people have to play it by their rules. Which is why you see a lot of people in their mid-fifties judging people younger than them for their choice of clothes, sexual preference, political views, and even humor.


  1. Patience


Patience is something we do NOT have. We live in a world without wait. We can’t wait for anything. We always need it now, not later. Our parents, on the other hand, have patience in an abundance. They can wait for things, without getting anxious – something that we as a generation is slowly forgetting. Even our technology is shaping us to become more impatient. We can’t watch >1-minute long video or a 500-word article (please read this one though). Our parents can do that with ease. That’s a really nice quality to have, in my opinion. It gives a sense of calm before taking a decision. Patience is really the key.


  1. Respect



This may sound like I am piggybacking point number 1, but I believe it’s an entire criterion in itself. Of all the big talk that our parents do about respect, they have very little of it. Our parents’ generation mostly respect authority figures only. They don’t usually respect people who are younger and/or financially and socially weaker than them. The whole concept of ‘status’ is quite deep-rooted in their minds. They also don’t have any respect for other people’s opinions, if it’s something that they don’t agree with.


  1. Courage



You have to give this to the parents. They have seen things that most of us can’t even imagine, and they still managed to hold the position that they do. This doesn’t mean that we are scared little snowflakes, it’s just that they have been through struggle –  financial, emotional and societal struggle, from the very start. Their families were broken, they had little money (relatively), and many of them ran away from home when they were young. They also didn’t have this much convenience, they had lesser security, and yet they didn’t give up. They took it head on, and still managed to build empires.  


  1. Relationships



Our parents really like the relationships in their lives, even when they don’t. ‘Family first’ is what they’ve always taught us. They consider relationships important, sometimes too much for their own good. Many of them are absolutely miserable with their relationships because they are afraid to let go. They have a hard time breaking relationships and letting people go, even if they are toxic. We, as a generation, are more open to that, if it means taking care of ourselves. But this can be bad too. While it’s good to think about ourselves, this very mentality is the reason behind weak relationships. We are more likely to leave a relationship than work on it. Our parents take care of relationships better than us.


  1. Greed



This is perhaps the most important criterion of all. While others were more on an individual level, this one is more on a global level. Our parents’ greed has ruined us. It has ruined the system. Hell, it’s ruining the planet. Their greed for more money, more power, more control has made the world a ticking time bomb. I am not saying we are the most honest or selfless generation of people to ever walk the planet, but still, our greed pales in comparison to theirs. Their greed has butchered children, massacred people, destroyed countries, and killed the world. They can do anything to stay in power, even if it means killing their own humanity.

I know that I am oversimplifying things. People are more complex than mere 9 points. It’s also possible that I may be entirely wrong. After all, there are no facts here, just observations. If you disagree, let’s have a healthy discussion. Because some intelligent guy has just said that we are more open to ideas.

Image Sources: Pxhere, Pixabay, Flickr