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5 moments from Avengers Infinity War Trailer that made me smile

Not gonna lie, these past few weeks have been…tough. Too much stress, too much noise. But sometimes, you get to smile because of the little things. For me, it was Avengers Infinity War Trailer.

Why? Because I grew up watching those characters. So much in my life has changed since the first Iron Man movie and now this is here – The grand finale. I was so caught up in work that I didn’t know a new trailer was gonna come out, but when I saw it on my feed… for those 2 minutes and 18 seconds, I was somewhere else. Guess this is what they call ‘movie magic’.


Check out the trailer here:


I was fanboying the entire time. I got so excited that I almost forgot everything else. Although it won’t be fair to pick just 5 but let’s have a look at the best moments from Avengers Infinity War trailer –


  1. Spider-Man swinging it out!


Yeaaahhhhh, that’s Spider-Man….or Iron-Spider? Well, whatever you wanna call him, you gotta admit he looks kickass here.


  1. Wakanda Forever!


Here we see everyone (well, almost everyone) assemble for the big battle. Why is Thanos attacking Wakanda though? Something’s up…


  1. Thanos crushing the Tesseract


We had the Tesseract since the first Captain America movie and we know how powerful it is and he crushes it like it was nothing. Wow!


  1. Star-Lord and Iron Man


These are two very similar characters (at least in the movies) and already we can see how things are gonna go between them. But hey, I am not complaining.


  1. Captain America and Thanos


Of course, this is gonna be on the list! You knew it, I knew it, my grandma knows it. Thanos and Captain America. We can see the sheer intensity and the effort he’s putting on Steve’s face. For Thanos it’s like, “Hmm, I didn’t think this human is gonna be this strong.” You can see Steve struggling. The question is, how he’s holding him off? Could it be that he took some of the heart-shaped herb? Or does he have an infinity stone? We’ll have to wait.


It’s funny how a movie trailer can make you forget every crappy thing that’s happening in your life, even if it’s for a couple of minutes. I’ve been waiting for this for 10 years and even though everything has changed since then, this is the only thing that’s not. Can’t believe that the Avengers Infinity War is finally here!