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The fault in our resumés: Job search vs. your self-esteem

This may sound like a rant, and it is, but this whole job searching has made me cranky. So bear with me if I get a little overboard. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, the greatest bout of all time: Job search vs. your self-esteem.



Looking for a job after college? Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t matter if you nearly killed yourself trying to get good grades, doing co-curricular, working part-time to make ends meet and acquire the specific skills for the job you actually want to do, recruiters will still reject you.

Why? Who the hell knows. They expect you to have 3 years of experience in an entry-level job. I mean, who came up with that? How do they expect us to do two unpaid internships and survive? In what world does that make sense?



‘Tell us about yourself’

They expect us to summarise the hell we go through at uni and those internships and working part-time and present it in a way it is professional, sorry it’s exactly what they want to hear. They have these prejudices set that and it doesn’t matter if you have an excellent GPA or have all the necessary certifications or recommendations, they’d still hire the robot who can work for minimum wage, 12 hours a day, doesn’t question, just smiles moronically. That is the ideal candidate.

Even if by any chance you had your interview which you feel good about and are now really expecting an offer, you won’t get it, at least not for a few weeks which is not such a bad thing if there is some sort of assurance that they are gonna respond to you, in either case. But that’s not how it works. If you aren’t selected, these people don’t even have the balls to tell you that. How hard can it be? To tell someone they are not hired? Even if the person is constantly mailing you. They play with people’s desperation and they know it. What kind of an asshole do you have to be to not call back or mail a person who’s constantly asking you for an update? A person who doesn’t even know if his application is still in consideration or his resume is in the trash.



It doesn’t matter if you do everything right, nobody gives a crap. Not companies, not people, no one. You’re left with 2 choices in the end. Be willing to sacrifice your self-respect and work like a dog, for half a day, without questioning, without objecting for an amount that’s barely enough to survive on till the next paycheck comes OR quit everything and do your own thing, which could mean your college degree is now of no use, with massive debt and no assurance that you will make it. That’s life for you.


“Well, ishturd guy, it happens with everyone ok? So quit complaining and man up!” Yeah, ‘it’ happening to everyone doesn’t make it right or acceptable. And not talking about it won’t make the problem ‘disappear’. This whole bloody system is flawed. And I am not even cribbing about not be able to do what I really want (because let’s face it, that’s not gonna happen) , I am complaining about not getting a job, for which I worked my ass off at uni, did everything right and still end up here, with my debt sitting there, smiling slyly. The world’s playing a cruel joke, and you sir, are the punchline.

And the winner of Job search vs. Your self-esteem is….



Do you really wanna know?

Image Sources: Pexels, Pixabay, Pxhere