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Corporate Diary: Office Coffee

Office coffee

Day: 845

Dear diary, I have been thinking a lot lately about how shitty our office coffee is. It tastes like someone mixed the toilet water with mud. I can’t believe people are actually drinking this piss. Well, I guess they don’t complain it reminds them that they don’t have a soul left, the corporate life sucked it out of them. That now, they are merely robots who keep filling excel sheets with numbers. They come in the morning, drink the shitty coffee, don’t even see the world outside, keep staring the screen till their eyes start hurting and then they leave. The coffee is especially cruel because it’s the beverage that’s supposed to wake them up but it actually reminds them of how helpless they are, how they are going to come to the same place tomorrow, sit on the same chair and stare at the same screen till the sun goes down and repeat it until who knows how long. It reminds them that they’re slaves in these suits and formal shirts who can’t even complain about it because they’re getting paid barely enough to survive. The coffee makes them realize that now they don’t even have the time to talk to the people with whom they’ve spent whole nights laughing. That coffee is cruel.


I fucking hate our office coffee.