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One thing to do today to make yourself a little bit better

So I am thinking to write one article every week about one thing that will make me a better person (you thought this was about you?). I am having a pretty rough time for over a month now but hey, it will go. What’s a couple of months compared to a life, hell what are 2 months compared to a year? I’ll have the rest of the year to rock it out. Anyway, let’s start with one thing that’ll make me better today: Walking.



I know, I know, it’s anti-climatic. Was it the buildup? Well, my bad. But really it’s this simple. The one thing that’s going to make me better today is walking. I know you’ve heard it a million time before about how walking is good for you and whatnot, but tell me this smartass – How many times did you actually do it, huh?

And when I say ‘walking’, I don’t mean running at freakin 15kmph on the treadmill in the gym. What I mean is simply wandering around the city with no screens, no music, just the noise of the traffic and my thoughts (The noise of traffic does make it sound not that good, doesn’t it?).

It’s been so long since I went out without a destination in my mind. Almost everytime I knew where I wanted to go. But today, I am going to walk and will leave those earphones at home because that would be cheating. I am going to spend some time with myself, with my thoughts –  something that I should be doing on a regular basis. Tell me, when was the last time you spent a couple of hours without staring at a screen or listening to music when not at home?

I know it’s hot out, I know there’s so much traffic, I know it’s not going to magically change anything but I am still gonna do it. I need to listen to myself, and you should be too.



And for those who actually have a place to go and roam around without all the traffic and honking, and with a nice weather – Screw you, you lucky bastards.

BRB, going for a walk.

Image Sources: Twitter, Flickr