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Mob Lynchings In India

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups: India Edition

I don’t know why, but I have always felt that when George Carlin said this, he was talking about India. I mean just look at the news, and tell me if India isn’t the living, breathing example of the ‘ Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups ‘ quote.

What the hell is happening?

People are getting crazier….and angrier. There is a massive wave of hate spreading in the country. People are killing people, destroying property, and thrashing police and authorities just because they can.

These are just a few instances that happened in the past 2 months:

Kanwariyas thrash a police vehicle in Bulandshahar:

Kanwariyas destroy a car with children inside in broad daylight.


Maharashtra Bandh: Vehicles set on fire, railway station destroyed in Pune and Aurangabad

Maharashtra Bandh: Protestors attacked IT offices in Pune

Man beaten by mob on ‘suspicion’ of cow smuggling

Engineer lynched in Karnataka over child-lifting rumours

Engineer killed by mob in Karnataka


Two men beaten to death in Assam


2 men were attacked in Hapur by ‘cow terrorists’

I am sure you can find more. And this is just past two months. Since May 2018, at least 18 people were killed in these lynchings. Unfortunately, this is a month-old article. People are killing each other over mere rumours. The police aren’t doing anything, and in some cases, can be seen to even ‘help’ the attackers.

Why is this happening?

You can say it is because of unemployment. People are frustrated they cannot find a job or earn enough to support their families. And you would not be entirely wrong. According to this article from TOI, over 31 million people are unemployed in India and the unemployment rate is over 6.1 percent. 31M is quite a big number when you think about it. When almost 3% of your entire population, not just the working population, is unemployed, they are bound to be some sort of outbreak, akin to something what we are seeing today. Different ministers have different things to say about this:

Ministers on unemployment


Credits: @Pun_Starr on Twitter

However, there is a more sinister reason behind the increasing number of attacks. One that we don’t want to acknowledge. See lynchings and attacks on this scale, and at this rate, cannot happen unless the state is involved. Not all attacks are state-sponsored, but the ignorance of the police and ministers have made it possible for these riots to happen. Sometimes, it goes beyond ignorance though –

Mob lynching in Hapur


Jayant Sinha


When you have police and ministers actually supporting and garlanding the attackers, there is virtually nothing for them to be afraid. If you don’t think this is state-sponsored, maybe this will change your mind:

In this video, the killer is actually saying that the government and the police are in their favor. The sheer pride in his words actually says quite a lot about him, and the current situation of the country. There is not even a shred of remorse or fear in him, there is pride and arrogance and confidence about the fact that they can kill anything in broad daylight, nothing will happen to them, because the authorities are on their side.

What this government and other political parties fail to understand is this is a Frankenstein’s monster. It’s a ticking time bomb. We all saw what the troll army did to Sushma Swaraj. They are not sparing anyone, not even their own ministers.

When you feed hate, you get hate. What started as propaganda is now evolving into something more, something evil. However, the government, or the opposition or any other political party for that matter, do not give a crap. They are hungry for power, and they don’t care what they breed in the process. They’ve raised a monster and they can’t hope to control it.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Unfortunately, they did, and this is just the beginning.


Image Sources: Indiatimes.com,  Twitter,

Jayant Sinha

Union Minister and Criminals: A Love Story

You know about the mob lynchings right? People killing other people over baseless rumors and suspicions? Ring a bell? Yeah, so these days everyone is ‘outraged’ about these incidents. There is a nationwide panic because of these gruesome acts, most of which are even recorded on videos. Now, as ministers, as elected representatives of the people, what do you think should be the appropriate reaction for these mob lynchings and murders? Increasing security? Setting up fast-track courts to punish the guilty as soon as possible? Making stronger laws against these lynchings? Or at the very least, condemning the act?

Now, I want you to meet this guy –

Jayant Sinha


For those of you who don’t know him, he is Jayant Sinha, current Member of the Parliament and Civil Aviation Minister. So, who are all these men? Oh, these are just 8 men who are convicted of murdering a cattle trader. What is he doing with them? Why garlanding them of course!

Wait, did you think that he, being an MP, will be against these lynchings or at least, will not shower f********ing  garlands on these men who are out on a bail after murdering someone? Then, my friend, you are as naive as I was a few days ago.

Seriously, I thought that this couldn’t happen. I mean, I know most of them are not nice people (dodged a defamation case there), I am not that naive. But I always thought that politicians would keep their distance from criminals in a public setting. But this legend opened my eyes. Not only did he garland the murderers (who, I don’t know why, went to his house after getting bail), he also had the audacity to say this –

You would think that Jayant Sinha, a union minister, who represents Hazaribagh (the place where the lynching took place), will not celebrate the convicted murderers who are out on bail. You would also think that being from IIT AND Harvard, he wouldn’t associate with criminals. You would also think that being in Finance ministry, he wouldn’t have his name in Paradise Papers. Yet, here we are.

Well, if it’s any consolation, he has expressed his regret for his actions.

Ab ye regret tum bhar lo.


Image Sources: Times Of India

Mob lynching in Hapur

This is new India, one that I don’t recognize

“Mera desh badal raha hai, logon ko maar raha hai.”

I am not that old but I don’t remember our country being like this. And yes, before you historians come with your statistics about other riots, please fuck off. Things were bad before, yes. But they were not at this level. This is a whole new level of hatred. This is new India – one that I don’t recognize.

I don’t even fully understand what is happening. This is worse than being an animal, this is hate in its purest form. These people, these monsters, they scare me…and I am a Hindu.

Has it always been like this? Maybe. And I know many people are going to use this excuse to justify this heinous act. To be fair to them, they are not entirely wrong. Mob lynchings have happened before. But that this does not mean that they are right. Instead, they are proving my point further.

We voted for change (at least I did), for a new India, in the hope that things will be better. If your best defense against the obvious rise in violence since 2014 is “These things happened before also, where were you then?” Then you are a bigger idiot than I am. Never in my wildest dreams, I could have thought that my vote would help in bringing this hate.

Acche Din


For people who still don’t agree that there is an increase in the number of mob violence since past 4 years, here are some statistics –

53 people killed by mobs since 2015 (I think this article is from 2017).

Here’s a more in-depth article by Indiaspend.

Here’s another source with more cases.

If you’re looking for some recent ones, here are some cases that happened in the past 3 months-



A man almost lynched by a mob in Uttarakhand, saved by cop.

Here’s a compilation of the lynchings that have happened in 2018 so far.


You know there are plenty more.

But I am not going to talk about statistics. I am no news agency nor a media house. I am just a guy who is really scared. I am scared because no one is going to help me if an angry mob decides to kill me.

Scared because this can be done in broad daylight, in the presence of the fucking cops.

Scared because if I get killed, my killers could get their bills paid by the government itself.

Scared because after the mob kills me, a case would be registered against my family.

But I am a Hindu Brahmin, why should I be scared? I belong to one of the safest sects of the society, right?

No. I am scared because this normalization of killings is setting a precedent. People are getting numb, used to it even. Nobody cares anymore if a man is killed in broad daylight, in front of police officers. Hell, some of your regular people will even blame the victim just because he is a Muslim. The maximum they’ll do is run a hashtag.

Nobody is going to guarantee my safety. Not these people who are blaming the Muslims, not these people who are defending the government, not the people running hashtags, and certainly not the government.



And what am I doing? Helplessly writing this article as some sort of a revolt. In reality, it has no meaning.

I am scared of this new India. I am scared of the hate that people, like you and me, have inside us. Talk to any of your colleague or family member who believe in this. They would be defending this murder. Education doesn’t do shit against this deep-rooted hatred. Murderers, pedophiles, rapists – people are willing to defend anyone, justify anything if it means ‘saving their religion.’

A quotation by Martin Niemöller:


First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


This is new India, one that I don’t recognize.

Image Sources: Twitter, Medium


The Stupid Indian 04: Gauri Lankesh Murder

“I was told in May 2017 I had to kill someone to save my religion. I agreed. I didn’t know who the victim was. Now I feel that I should not have killed the woman.”

– Parshuram Waghmore

The guy who murdered Gauri Lankesh


The excerpt has been taken from this Times Of India article.


“Hindu khatre mein hain.”

This is what must be going through this man’s head when he shot a helpless lady 4 times.

This is what must be going through this man’s mind when he accepted to kill someone who he didn’t even know.

Gauri Lankesh was murdered in cold blood outside her house on 5th September 2017 by a man who was told that what he’s doing is to save his religion.

We’ve gone full middle-eastern. You know, the region that we Indians collectively consider as ‘backward’ and ‘still living in the 15th century’. The funny part is, today’s India and all these other countries have stark similarities. We have more or less the same amount of tolerance for people who don’t share our religious views. We’ve resorted to killing, because in our twisted mind, like the people in those countries, we think that our religion needs ‘saving’. If we’re not yet at the same level of crazy, we will be there very soon.



I didn’t know we were hiding all this insecurity for our religion this whole time. I thought we were more confident about our religion. What was that line….’it’s not a religion, it’s a way of life’.

Yeah, so much for that ‘way of life’ which can be threatened by a single woman. Thousands of years of history, millions of believers, hundreds of scriptures, but sure it needs saving now. A religion that nobody in the history could wipe out, no ruler, no invader; was in danger because of this one old woman. And who came to save it? A person who didn’t even know the name of this woman. A person who came from the back to shoot an old, defenseless woman. A person who now ‘thinks’ that he shouldn’t have killed this woman because he is caught, was going to save our religion.

Why don’t you and the likes of you, who think my religion is so weak that it needs saving, just fuck off?

Who are you to decide if our religion needs saving or not? Tum ho kaun? Self-proclaimed protectors of our religion. You know what? Our religion does need saving. From you. People like you are killing and raping the helpless in the name of religion. You are the reason that today ‘Hindutva’ terrorism is a thing. You are shaming my religion, you are giving it a bad name, you are the reason that this woman is dead.

Gauri Lankesh


But because of this, I won’t try and hunt you down, even if you have stained the name of my religion. My religion is much bigger than you, or me or Gauri Lankesh or any political party. My religion is tolerant enough to accept people of different views AND faiths. It doesn’t need your hate, your insecurity and it certainly doesn’t need your saving.

Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons, TheJDIF.org, Scroll.in, Twitter


MASSIVE 1 paisa cut in fuel prices! Here are 10 things you can buy from these savings

What a masterstroke! Indian Oil Corporation was going to announce 60 paisa cut in fuel prices but they changed their minds – like a baby who just wanted to go pee but ends up pooping on your chest- and that’s why we got a MASSIVE 1 paisa cut in fuel prices.

The sacrifice that Indian Oil made shook the nation to its core. We can’t help but wonder what will these guys go through after sacrificing so much. We also wonder what can we do now that we’re gonna save those big bucks after this massive fuel cut.

Here, I’ve compiled for you a list of 10 things you can buy from that 1 paisa cut in fuel prices:


1. 0.000125 liters of petrol



YEAAAH BEETCHES! From that 1 paisa, you can buy so much oil that America will literally try to invade you.


2. The Shroud of Turin



Yes, the one that Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, Amisha Patel and even Aditya Pancholi for some reason tried to steal in Race 2. Allah Duhai Hai!


3. All 6 infinity stones



If you’d remember, Gamora was trying to sell one infinity stone for 6 billion units. Pffft, those are rookie numbers. Our 1 paisa is enough to buy all of the stones, plus a personal lap dance from Thanos.


4. Antilla



I think he wants to sell it anyway.


5. Nirav Modi’s Estate



The Government has already said that they will keep Mallya in the same jail in which the British kept Gandhi. Might as well add Nirav Modi to the list because I am going after him with my 1 paisa. Oh and also – 





6. Pay fees to the people (sorry, economists) who are defending the fuel hike


Every time the government makes a move, some great economists, who were hiding all this time, come forward to defend the decision with some pretty weird economic theories and facts. The least we could do to return the favor is pay their fees for the immense knowledge that they gave us.


7. Bappi’s gold



This may be a tough buy, but I think we can manage to buy Bappi’s gold. Hell, after this massive cut, he just might give us all his gold willingly.


8. Any writer who can give me more things to add because I am running out of ideas



Ismein bhi likhwaoge?


9. Kohinoor – The Diamond, Condoms, Chawal – everything



With so much money, you can just go to England and tell them to give you Kohinoor, come back and buy some extra thin condoms and chawal. Weird combination I know, but I just have too much money now.


10.  Poultry Farm



‘nuff said.


And there, just like that, I am more reliable than these oil corps.

Uttar Pradesh

The Stupid Indian 02: Uttar Pradesh

Welcome to Uttar Pradesh, a state where girls could be stripped naked to ‘check’ if they’re menstruating, a state where a mother has to spend the night holding her daughter’s dead body because she didn’t have money for the ambulance, a place where more than 100 children died due to shortage of oxygen, a state where there are ambulances for cows.


Uttar Pradesh is a weird place.The state is literally safer for cows more than humans. As a human, you can: 1. get assaulted by the Anti-Romeo squad (did you forget about them), 2. die of the shortage of oxygen and other medical necessities, 3. And rot there dead because there is no ambulance to take your body. Something like that really can happen, and maybe in that exact sequence. But you can’t complain, you can’t criticize, you can’t go to the authorities because authorities make statements like these:

Mujhe to yeh bhi kabhi-kabhi lagta hai ki ek samay ke baad aisa na ho ki log apne bachche jaise hi ek saal, do saal ke honge, to sarkar ke bharose chhor denge, ki sarkar hi ab in bachchon ka palan kare (I sometimes feel that after some time, as soon as their children become one or two years old, people will leave them for the government, so that the government takes care of them),” – Yogi Aditynath, Honorable CM of Uttar Pradesh.


Yogi Adityanath


Aww, isn’t that such a nice thing to say after more than a 100 children died in your state? That’s sensitive, consoling and thoughtful. The parents who just lost their children because of the negligence of authorities just want to hear something like that. Oh, and did you know that the state government was very much aware of the shortage of oxygen supply and the amount outstanding of the vendor? So in a nutshell, children died because either the government was too lazy to do anything or simply didn’t give a crap. What is wrong with people? How can children dying be an issue that’s dealt with something less than full capacity? How can people see this as a normal phenomenon? How are cows getting more facilities than actual people living in the state? And it’s not even about the cows. You can protect as many cows as you want. Give them ambulances, make palaces for them, even make them the freakin state animal, but at least take care of the children first if not people. They say the value of a person’s life is potentially infinite. An infant who had his whole life ahead of him dies because of ignorance or apathy of some people. If this doesn’t embarrass those people, then nothing will.

Maybe things aren’t so bad. Maybe all this is just a rant. Maybe everything’s fine. But there’s this teeny tiny list of things, things that could happen to you in Uttar Pradesh that upset me:


  1. You or even your kids’ food can be taken away to feed cows.


  1. You can die if you go to the hospital (ironic, isn’t it)


  1. The police can beat the crap out of you and shave your head if they saw you walking with a female homo sapien.


  1. Any woman can get raped at any given time of the day.


  1. Someone can throw acid on your face.


  1. If you’re abducted and gang-raped, people can watch the whole video of it just by paying 50-150 INR.


  1. If you criticize the government or Yogi Adityanath or even if they think you’ve done something that they don’t agree with, you can die.


  1. You can die if the police are trying to save a cow (not even kidding).


9  Wardens can make you strip to check if you’re menstruating.


  1. If you’re a student, then a teacher can slap you close to 40 times on not responding to your name call.


  1. Nobody will give a shit if you’re lying dead unless someone has the money to take care of your corpse.


The list can go on. And before anyone says it, these are not isolated incidents. These things happen in Uttar Pradesh majorly due to government’s ignorance. We can’t directly blame the government now, can we? After all, we want to live. And if someone’s out there is proud of the fact that they are scaring us good (i know a few people like that), then don’t be. Just stop for a moment and think. If this ‘dominance’ worth the consequences.

Gorakhpur children died



PS – If someone presents me verifiable facts that could change anything in the article or if I have missed something/ wrote something factually wrong, feel free to point it out. I’ll be more than happy to correct it.


Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Times Of India, Indian Express