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To see or not to see: Padmavati or Padmaavat or whatever they’re calling it


So what does this look like –



Congratulations to all the over-aggressive people who wanted to chop off an actress’s nose just because she was playing a character named Padmavati.

People who threatened to kill a filmmaker just because they thought that they might get offended and that is BEFORE actually watching the movie.

People who proved that with violence you can have your way because that’s how democracy works.

Padmavati row


Congratulations to you all.

Happy now? Got that justice boner?

Good, you needed it. Because after all, you’re society’s keepers. We all elected you lot to decide what’s good for us and what isn’t. What we can watch and what we can’t. To actually threaten to kill a guy just because he made something that differed your opinions. You all can kill a lady that is alive in the freakin present for a possibly fictional character who lived centuries ago? In what moronic world does that make sense?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali


See, it doesn’t matter if the character was real or fictional. YOU CAN’T THREATEN TO KILL SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE OFFENDED. If you do that, you suck at being a human. Oh the so called watchful protectors of our culture, why do you keep on doing that? Padmavati, Valentine’s Day, hell even Christmas. Why does anything that’s different threaten you?

Yes, you can choose to not watch it. That’s what democracy is (or at least I think it is). You have a choice. You can voice your opinion. Bhansali can express his, you can express yours. However, your opinion does not give you the right or the authority to threaten someone, beat up someone, thrash up movie theatres. You can’t say that it’s my freedom to say that this other man should not have freedom. That’s not how it works. And if the freaking Supreme Court of our country is saying something, then perhaps you should listen.

Listen, call it my defeat or me being a wuss, but I request people to not go on a killing spree just over a movie. You’re better than this. WE are better than this. Padmavati may hold a really special position for you, but if that sentiment is making you want to murder someone, then stop for moment to think if it’s really worth it or not.

Value a human’s life over your feelings. And I am not talking about Bhansali or Deepika Padukone. They would be the least bothered by it all. The people that will suffer are the theatre owners, security guards, someone who just wanted to watch a movie. When you go burning that theatre, you’ll destroy innocent people’s lives.
I know the people that this article is addressed to won’t even get to read it. But I am asking you as human to share this with someone you know feels this way. Might help them change their mind. Might even save a life.

Enjoy the movie.

Don’t be an asshole.

And don’t burn anything down (However if you’re in agreement with the ‘not being an asshole part’, chances of you burning something down are slim),

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