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Last week, Democracy was killed


Oh, our sweet, sweet democracy. You had a good run. We had our moments. You’ve been with us for so long. But sorry, we don’t need you anymore. You’re just a burden now.



On March 13, 2018, Lok Sabha passed 2 bills and 218 amendments in 30 minutes. The time that Domino’s promises to deliver your pizza (which, let’s all agree, it never fulfills), Lok Sabha passed bills that affects over 1.2 Billion people.


No debates, no discussions.


Hey, but ishturd guy, the speaker used ‘guillotine’ that empowers her to pass grants without discussion.


True. And it was super effective!


But WHY did she use it?


Well, in those 30 minutes, she passed the following demands, so you be the judge of the ‘why’.


  1. Among the 218 amendments, a little one was to legalize all foreign fundings to political parties over 42 years, since 1976. To put it into perspective, Sholay came out a year before that. Or a better perspective would be that this is one year before the Janata Party (later, BJP) defeated Congress in ‘77, after the emergency. Still wondering why that specific year?
  2. The second one was a salary hike. No, really! While we work for the entire year without so much as a thank you and the annual  ‘generous according to your performance’ increment of 14%, these people decided that they aren’t getting paid enough. So they changed from 55,000 to 127,000 per month. But who are we kidding? That’s not their salary waali salary stupid! Ye to papers par numbers hain!
  3. Oh there’s more good news for you, you gullible, clueless middle-class citizen. Any long-term equities you’re planning to buy after January 31, 2018, will now be subjected to a capital gains tax of 10%. Life is so much fun! Your money is yours, and here take some of ours too!
  4. What do we have here? The Appropriation Bill? What does that do? Well this year waala let’s the government to withdraw 80 thousand crores (I don’t know, I never feel right writing these big numbers in words. Takes the whole intensity, doesn’t it? Let’s try again) or 800000000000 from the consolidated funds of India. Isn’t that nice?

There are a lot of other things that were passed. But these were just on top of my head (I’m joking, of course but so is the government!). So coming back to the original question. Was guillotine really necessary?



How could have they done what they have with all the discussions and debates? (Frankly, I don’t think that Foreign Funding bill would’ve had any objections as both of our lovely parties are held guilty by Delhi High court for receiving foreign funds, but who are to judge?)


In my opinion, they could’ve just made a putla (jo wo movies ke protest ke time jalane ke liye banate hain), named it democracy, peed all over it and then burnt it. Because that’s what we want.




Some of those might be saying – NOOOOOO, we don’t want that!


Oh, yes you do. 


You’re not worth crap.



Keep worrying about the next weekend or that annual increment while the country dies. Because that’s what they want.


This will keep happening to you.


You know why? Because you’re just a –



Image Sources – Pixabay, Flickr, New Indian Express, YouTube

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