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It came, it became a joke, it left: Patanjali’s Kimbho app


Now, this is something you don’t hear every day! Do you know Patanjali? You know the company that was supposed to sell you Ayurvedic products (Well, technically it was supposed to be a non-profit organization focusing on promoting Yoga, but hey we don’t get what we want)? It is, or maybe was, into the app business. I present you – The Kimbho App.

After announcing to launch ‘Swadeshi’ sims, Patanjali took a step further and developed a messaging app, kinda like Whatsapp. It named it ‘Kimbho’, meaning ‘What’s Up’ in Sanskrit. If that wasn’t plagiarism enough, check out its logo –



Image Source: timesnownews.com


It’s like Whatsapp went to Vaishno Devi.

The question is – Why is Patanjali getting into this business?

First the sim card, now chat app. Something’s fishy, don’t you think?

My best guess – The Government needs more surveillance, false nationalism is on a rise, Patanjali’s whole selling point is that…so why not create something ‘Swadeshi’ that will be used to keep an eye on us, should we try to voice our opinion? I mean, clearly, people has been buying his god-awful noodles, what is stopping them to dip their agarbatti in some Kimbho?

The good news, for now, is that the app has been taken down from the playstore. The bad news is that last I checked, it was still on the app store.

Well, gone or not. This is some really serious issue. The ruling party has always been the one to play the role of ‘Thought Police’ and this is just another way to lure more people in, this time it’s Swadeshi + Bhagwa.


Image Source – Flickr

Sadly, there are some innocent and gullible people that will buy into this shit. And these are not some misguided section of the society, these are our parents and grandparents – who don’t understand how the government and private organizations are trying hard to keep us in control. We need to help them understand what is happening. I know, I know, they won’t believe us. But maybe the Kimbho app is idiotic enough for them to see through it.

The only good thing that came out of it was that I got my new opening line for Omegle. Guess what it is?

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