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Game of Thrones Season 7: The weakest season so far

Okay, now that the hype is dead, we can finally talk about how awful this season was. Full of plotholes, lazy writing, rushing and predictable outcomes – the season was the opposite of what Game of Thrones was back when it was first aired. This season had zero character development and was too freaking fast. Not to mention, the forced character arcs. Oh and those God awful cliffhanger. Did someone actually think that Jamie Lannister will die of drowning?



We know that the writers of the show don’t have a source material to draw from. Don’t care about what others say, but I think that the showmakers don’t have the wit and unpredictability of GRRM …and it clearly shows. If you’re going to give us an ice dragon (or a wight dragon, don’t have clue what that is), then show it in a way that makes sense or at least tries to. Are you going to tell me, that the wights, who had every chance to kill Jon Snow and party, didn’t do it because they couldn’t swim past the water, were able to drag a mofo dragon with chains from it? And what’s up with Jon felling in the frozen water and staying there long enough for Dany and others to fly and for wights to clear out the space? Wights should have been on his throat the moment he reached the surface. But nooooo, they left him there and walked away like nothing happened, only to have Uncle Ben to make his heroic entrance. WTF was that?



Everything was rushed this season. Ravens were emails, Gendry was the Flash, Ser Davos and Tyrion went to King’s Landing and back in what feels like half a day, everything. Maybe the showmakers are so desperately trying to wrap things up, the show is actually losing its authenticity, the very thing that made Game of Thrones a phenomenon.

In earlier seasons, people actually had conversations. The conversation between Littlefinger and Baelish is still one of the best conversations that I have ever seen on a TV show. We knew who Tywin Lannister was because of the way he talked. And Tyrion’s ‘I wish to confess’ still remains one of the most favourite moments of the show. I don’t think if they could have such a scene in the final season. Granted they are trying to conclude the story, but we loved or hated the characters because we knew how they were which doesn’t seem to be a priority right now.



The script is getting weaker which is making the characters looked stupid. Tyrion is supposed to be a clever man with balls of steel and at least cleverer than Cersei and her hand, but he’s now reduced to a gullible dwarf with no understanding of vile his sister is or even how politics work. And then there’s Jon Snow. To be fair, he never was the smartest character on the show but he wasn’t this stupid either. He literally took a bunch of people and marched up north to capture a freaking wight. Why? So that he could show Cersei that the threat is real – a plan by former one of the smartest men in all of Westeros, Tyrion Lannister. Cersei would never give up her power, Tyrion should know that. Yet he made this ridiculous plan of capturing a wight, risking the life of one of Dany’s most important allies and getting a dragon killed in the process.
There are just too many glaring plotholes in this season. And things looked forced. Ed Sheeran’s cameo, Littlefinger’s ‘plan’ to turn Arya and Sansa against each other. A man who was supposedly the most diabolical mastermind in all of Westeros, bested by two headstrong girls and Bran who can’t care less. Yes, Bran can see everything but still, Littlefinger was smarter than all three of them combined and his death was nothing but a loose end being tied up. The romance between Jon and Dany was plain weird. Dany was an unlikable character all along but this season she was simply annoying.



I know those were a lot of complaints from a TV show but Game of Thrones is (was?) so much more. I don’t want it to have a mediocre ending and people considering it to be the ‘best ending to the best TV show’ just because they don’t want to piss off the fans or accept it. I am a GoT fan myself, but the makers are slipping and I don’t think they could show a war between the dead and the living AND wrap up the entire series in one season.


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