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Does anyone remember Nirav Modi?


Does anyone remember Nirav Modi?

You know, the guy who photobombed our PM?



Nirav Modi – The guy who’s responsible for the 12,000 crore PNB fraud (That’s rounded up, by the way, I am not even counting the ~300 crore change).

12,000 Crores. Let’s spread out the zeroes, shall we?


That’s a lot of zeroes…

If we consider an average middle-class person’s salary to be 30,000 per month (which I am exaggerating, even I don’t earn that much…or maybe I’m just that poor), then the time it would take that person to earn this much money would be 4000000 months or almost 3,33,333 years.



That’s a lot of years.

And Nirav Modi, stole that much money and ‘fled’ the country. Fled. I can’t even go to the next town without my mother panicking and calling the police that I’ve been kidnapped (true story) and this guy fled the country along with his whole family. And the reason he’s giving for not coming back to the authorities is that ‘he has work so he can’t come’



This is the reason he gave to the fucking CBI for not coming to the country. I have to think better excuses to bail on my ‘team outing’ so that I don’t have to see those miserable bastards on the weekend and this man who stole 12000 crores from a national bank, heck from the country, said he can’t come because he has ‘work’.

Nirav Modi – The guy who holds 6 passports whereas I had to go back to my hometown at least 3 times to get the verification process done. This guy gets fresh FIRs registered against him like every other day like it’s aloo pyaaz. 


(I can hear this picture)

Oh, and do you know that the email account of the guy who heads the banking fraud division (which is probing Nirav Modi’s case) in CBI, has been compromised? Yep, what a wonderful coincidence!

See, it’s the moment like these that I see how tolerant my country really is. I mean people will go killing in an instant over a Facebook post or a movie but when someone steals enough amount that could possibly run a small town for like half a year and flees after that, nobody seems to have a problem with that. Heck after a month, no one even remembers!

“It’s not our money.” Or “Ye to hota aaya hai, hum kya kar sakte hain” is the usual response. To bhai tab bhi kuchh na karo na jab kisi ne ek Facebook post share kar diya tha. Then it suddenly becomes your personal problem? Logic ko kyun nanga kar ke maarna chahte ho?

Hold the authorities responsible, ask difficult questions, talk about it. Fuck, at least remember it. If you won’t do anything, people like Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi will keep on stealing and fleeing because they know that there won’t be any consequences.

You know why?

Because they know that public will forget.

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