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Apple Doesn’t Inspire Anymore


Here’s to the crazy ones…

Man, we have come a long way, haven’t we?

Apple, a company that changed the world forever.

Apple, that gave innovation a new definition.

Apple, that doesn’t inspire anymore.

Apple is many things….or at least it used to be. But sadly, it’s now no more than a shadow of its former self.



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The company that gave us the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone and so much more. Apple built a customer base so loyal all over the world that most other companies can’t even dream about having something like that.

And yet today, these people, these followers, feel betrayed.

It’s no secret that Apple has been missing in making a mark with its iPhones for quite some time now. The latest batch of iPhones are disappointing, to say the least, and Apple’s share price is not keeping it a secret either.


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Apple lost over $450 BILLION in three months. Yes, billion.

But I don’t care about the money (of course, it’s not mine). Although it’s good that because of the losses they’d take notice and may actually do something about it.

But the real problem is, Apple doesn’t inspire anymore.

Even though I feel it would be insensitive to pin this on Steve Jobs death, but there is really a clear correlation, and quite likely, causation of the quality drop in Apple’s products.

The last major innovation that Apple did, in my humble opinion, was Siri. I mean a virtual assistant that can do things for you? Now that is a game changer.

Interestingly, Siri was first launched on 12th October 2011, less than a week after Steve Jobs death. It was launched with iPhone 4S, which I believe, was the one last products Steve had any say in, along with iPhone 5.

Coincidently, iPhone 5 was also the best model by Apple.

The innovation that made the iPhone 5 became a huge factor in the success of iPhone 6 and 6S, the most successful iPhones ever.

The fall of iPhones


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The reason I am talking particularly about the iPhone is that, over the years, it has eclipsed other Apple products. There is usually no hype regarding Apple’s other products, at least not of the year’s new iPhone’s magnitude.

Sure other products are also featured at Apple’s yearly event, but we all know that people just want to know about the latest iPhone.

Which is why they should have done more for it.

There is virtually no major upgrade or innovation in iPhones for almost half a decade now.

Sure, the processor is a bit faster and the body is a bit glossier, but it seems like Apple doesn’t care about doing any major upgrades now.

And this indifference is costing them.


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All over the world, Apple is losing its loyal customer base.

And mind you, Apple has, or at least used to have, one of the most loyal fanbases I’ve ever seen.

I mean, people defended Apple till their last breath in your usual Apple vs Android debates.

These people were so loyal that Apple knew that the tagline ‘If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have iPhone’ will work on them because their fans literally didn’t need anything more than that.

But now, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have a marginally better device from last year, which not only doesn’t offer that much but is expensive as hell.

After getting disappointed for quite some time now, this fanbase, this loyal following is feeling betrayed.

They feel that they have been wronged. And frankly, it’s getting too much for them to defend Apple for all their myopic decisions.

But that’s not all.

The reason they feel cheated is because Apple actually cheated them.



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Apple admits that they purposely slow down the older phones.

This is a betrayal.

Not only Apple is releasing disappointing phones year after year; it’s actually punishing its customers for having older iPhones.

This is the reason that Apple doesn’t inspire anymore.

Really, it doesn’t.

A company whose foundation was built on challenging the status quo and disrupting the established order with their creativity and innovation, has now become the very thing they hated.

So, what does Apple do after continuously letting its people down?

Do they admit that they need to improve?

Do they uphold the vision that they once believed in?


They did the opposite.



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Tim Cook, in his letter to its stakeholders, blamed people for not buying enough iPhones.

Yes, let that sink in for a second.

They are blaming people now for not wanting to buy marginally better phones for $1000.

This is not a good sign.

Apple putting this on its customers is not only a crappy move, it will also come back to bite them in the future.

Today’s customer is a smart one. They know the value of their hard-earned money and they aren’t gonna waste it on a phone they don’t even like, because then ‘they won’t have an iPhone’.

Apple needs to change its ways.

Apple needs to go back to its roots.

And right now, they are still in a very comfortable position to do it. They are one of the biggest companies in the world, after all.

But even they need to realize that it’s the people that have put them there and they need to give them what they want.

Or, at the very least, don’t blame them for their lack of vision.

Do right by your fans, Apple.

Show them that why they believed in you.

Because right now, you don’t inspire anyone. 


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