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All it takes is one lousy Whatsapp message to get you killed

Forwarded as receivedThe golden words that will absolve you of any responsibility for your actions; even if your actions resulted in someone’s death.

Who knew that such a small messaging app can be the reason for someone’s death. Whatsapp killings is now a term, thanks to our utter gullibility.

And it’s not even propaganda, we did this all by yourself. No political party, no BJP, no Congress, no AAP, no one. Just our stupidity, fellow Indian.

We know what we’ve done. It’s in the news, it’s everywhere.




Two men died. Why? Because people ‘mistook’ them for child traffickers. Now, how can someone make a mistake like this? Because it came from the most unbiased, most authentic source in the history of news sources – Whatsapp.

These people got killed because of a text message. A TEXT MESSAGE. This is what it takes now to kill a person. We Indians have stooped to a new low.

Oh hi there nationalist fella! Do you have a problem with me using the term ‘Indian’ because of one incident that happened in Assam?

What are these then:




We did this. All of us.

A few days ago I wrote this article in which I talked about how ‘they’ were feeding us hate. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Because we’re already so consumed by hate that even a Whatsapp text can provoke us to kill. We don’t need anyone else to spread hate, we are capable of doing that ourselves. If you don’t want to believe that then you are in denial.

I don’t know how did we start believing everything we read on Whatsapp. Maybe it started during elections when spreading propaganda was in full swing. Since then, we never, for a moment, stopped and thought “Oh, this is the app I use to share low-quality porn and good morning texts, maybe this is not the best source of news.”

But we didn’t. We’re ignorant. How can it be false? After all, it has ‘forwarded as received’ written at the end.

It’s because of this ignorance and carelessness that people are getting killed. It is because of this ignorance that people don’t have a problem beating a guy who was literally begging for his life. It is because of this ignorance that a 65-year-old woman was lynched in broad daylight.

Hate has blinded us. Even animals are better than this.

I am begging you. As an Indian, as a human, stop. Please stop. Stop this hatred, stop this violence. This is not even something propagated. It’s not ‘Hindutva or Islamic’ terrorism. This is pure hatred. There is no one else to blame but us. Stop spreading fake Whatsapp messages. Stop spreading lies.

And please, stop spreading hate. If we continue on this path, there will be nothing left.

Please, my fellow countrymen, save our humanity from dying.

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