About Ishturd and me

I am just a guy who thinks that people have forgotten how to have a decent conversation with a person who doesn’t have the same point of view as themselves. They try to shut those with different opinions by making personal attacks which leads to people being afraid to speak if their views and opinions do not align with the majority.


Ishturd gives them a place to express themselves. I hope to build a community of people who can listen and understand those with different opinions without attacking them personally. I don’t want this place to be an echo chamber, nor do I want it to be a place that promotes bigotry. I want Ishturd to be a place where people can exercise their freedom of speech.

I want Ishturd to be a community which gives people a chance to speak up, challenge them if they are wrong, and change their opinion when presented with new facts – without any hate.

Why do I do it? Because I believe that given a chance, even two opposing parties can have a conversation without resorting to personal attacks. Also, because the current online environment doesn’t allow people to talk about uncomfortable truths without demonizing them. So for me, Ishturd is the place where I (and hopefully you) can be honest.

Oh, and I also make comics. They aren’t that great. Actually, those comics are just me talking what I want to, through poop-like characters (don’t ask why).

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Let’s do this.