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6 things you should do tomorrow


Life’s moving fast and sometimes the little things get ignored. Things that may seem trivial when compared to your ‘big version’ for life, but still are important.

So, let’s make tomorrow a little different, if not special.


1. Skip work. Now, before you say you can’t, stop and think for a second. The company won’t go bankrupt just because you took a day off and you ARE going to work the next day. So stop whining and skip work.



2. Call some old friends. Don’t ask why. (You’ll know after talking to them)



3. Take the person(s) you love the most out to lunch. Could be anyone from your mom, dad, wife, girlfriend even your dog.



4. If you want to say something to someone say it today. Quit dragging it along. Could be a crush or even someone you hate. Fuck consequences.



5. Hang out with some friends and have some beer. Nothing to explain here.



6. Spend an hour or half on the roof alone. If you smoke, then smoke a cigarette looking at the sky. If you don’t, great it’s a bad habit. (Do the same thing minus the cigarette)



Go back to the same life the day after tomorrow.


Image Source(s): Pexels, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay and Max Pixel.

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