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20 opening songs of old cartoons…in Hindi!


The old Cartoon Network was lit af (yeah, I am cool) and it was even awesomer if you watched it in Hindi.

Yep, Hindi cartoons were the shit! And for you miserable 90s kids who still can’t accept what the world has come to, those cartoons hold a special place in the heart. Guess what? (you don’t have to actually guess, I have written it in the title itself) I’ve prepared a list of all those awesome shows that used to come on Cartoon Network and other channels and yes, I’ve found the Hindi opening songs as well! Ho jaaye shuru!


  1. The Mask




  1. Pingu


Pipipi Pipipi, Pingu Pingu! ‘Nuff said.


  1. The Powerpuff Girls


Mithaas, masala aur achha sab kuchh daala! The Powerpuff Girls had the best villains in my opinion, hands down. From Mojo Jojo to Him to Gang Green Gang, their villains had this depth to them that no other cartoon had.


Oh, and here’s a bonus scene for you, Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar



  1. Aladdin – Arabian Nights



OMG, the fact the I still remember this song after all these years is enough proof how much I loved it. Aladdin was good, Genie was freakin awesome. And Jasmine is perhaps the first woman (I know she’s fictional, shut up) that I had a crush on. Arrrabiaaann Niiighhhttts, Arab ka ye desh!


  1. Dexter’s Laboratory



Dexter Ki Laboratory…..The smartest kid on the planet had a pretty cool theme song. It has aged better too! Dexter the real MVP.


  1. Pokemon



The cartoon whose fans made a mediocre game app one of the most downloaded in the world. Yep, Pokemon was a revolution. It was every little kid’s fantasy to be in a pokemon world. It was one of the few good cartoons. After this, it all went downhill. But, Pikachu main tumhe chunta hoon!


  1. Johnny Bravo



The stud of the 90s, Johnny Bravo gave was the DUDE! His intro song had only a few Hindi parts but boy are they memorable. Perfect.


  1.  Scooby Doo



Scooby-Dooby Doo kahan chhupa tu? I still believe that Shaggy was a stoner, maybe the entire gang was, who thought their Great Dane talked.


  1. The Jungle Book



Are chaddi pehen ke phool khila, phool khila hai! Nana freaking Patekar gave the voice for Sher Khan, that’s how big this was.


  1. Timon and Pumba



Koi chinta nahi! Timon and Pumba was too chilled out dudes who didn’t give a crap about the world. I even have a friend who looks like Pumba. He’s a software developer.


  1. Ducktales wooo ooo oo



Zindagi Toofani hai! Uncle Scrooge and Huey, Dewey, and Louie used to take us on adventure every evening, during the Disney hour. Uncle Scrooge’s vault of coins seriously gave me life goals. Man, I want to swim in money too.


  1. Talespin



Talespin opening song starts like it’s a song from Mohra. The Oyee aye Tailspin, Oyee oo Tailspin!


  1.  Samurai Jack



Samurai Jack was a cartoon with a soul. It’s really an underrated cartoon. As I am writing this, I’m having the realisation that kids today would never know how great old Cartoon Network was.


  1. Tenali Raman



Kaun hai wo sabse chatur, vushak? Tenali! Tenali Raman’s theme song was a work of art. The lyrics, the beats, the music all had an amazingly authentic feel to them.


  1.  Bob The Builder



Kar ke dikhayenge, Bob the Builder Haan Bhai HAAN! The best builder in town had an opening song so catchy that even today if someone said kar ke dikhayenge to haan bhai haan nikalta hai. Bob the Builder FTW!


  1. Noddy



Aa gaya Noddy! Noddy was more successful then than I am now. He had a girlfriend, a car, a house, even a freakin plane, was loved by the entire town (my own mother doesn’t like me) and also had a job. Man, what a life.


  1. Kipper



Kipper’s theme song had jazz. I don’t even know what’s the correlation between a dog and jazz but still it was groovy.


  1. Courage The Cowardly Dog



Well, it’s not exactly a song but it’s a great memory nonetheless. Na samajh doggy tune mujhe cartoon bana diya!


  1. Beyblade



Kare Beyblade! Beyblade was THE thing to have! If you didn’t have a beyblade, you weren’t considered cool. Oh and the battles….Ho Jaaye Shuru!


  1. Dragon Ball Z



Dragon Ball Z! What a show man. I truly believe if a cartoon can make you try Kamehameha in your bathroom when you’re almost 30, it deserves an award.


Here are some other cartoon theme songs that aren’t in Hindi but still hold a special place (Well, Pingu wasn’t in Hindi either but I have written already written it and really don’t want to edit the article)


Swat Kats



Tom & Jerry



The Flintstones






Captain Planet



Those times were simpler…Cartoon Network made them unforgettable.

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